Build A Pitch – 3 Online Elevator Pitch Builders

The search for the perfect elevator pitch is something that preoccupies entrepreneurs, students, job seekers and many others. There are probably a million articles online that talk about how to build a strong elevator pitch. With a push towards automation, I anticipated finding dozens of tools that could build the pitch for you and while […]

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What Do Work Nightmares Tell Us?

Since today is  Halloween, I couldn’t resist taking a look at nightmares.  Work nightmares in particular.  These night terrors fall into two categories for me, waking horrors, things that happen at work that embarrass or freak you out, such as calling your boss by your spouse’s name during a meeting, (I won’t touch the Freudian implications of that one). […]

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The Truth About Elevator Pitches

What no one really tells you about elevator pitches is that they aren’t actually pitches. They are not even soft sales lobs. That’s right, no elevator pitch has ever sold a product, got someone hired, garnered angel funding or earned a new client. Is that surprising? Think about it, would you hire someone or spend […]

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5 Great Programs That Add Pop To Presentations

PowerPoint is a great presentation tool.  It’s flexible, powerful and easy to use. It’s also one of the most misused tools. Poorly constructed slides filled with tiny font. Complex graphs meant to inform instead confound viewers.  Unfortunately, some blame the tool for the failures of the user. This post isn’t offering alternatives to PowerPoint because […]

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9 Ways Social Media Does Good

We regularly hear about the destructive power of social media. There’s no doubt that it can create a variety of problems, but social media also has a positive side. Continuous Improvement Process: One of the most interesting aspects of social media is that it behaves like a continuous improvement process.  The algorithms of social media are […]

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What was the message?

Imagine planning a message for two months and then forgetting to deliver it.  Sound impossible?The following story really happened. The real estate group had been planning their presentation to the Minister of Industry for about two months.  They had prepared slides and organized who would speak first and who would address the series of itemized […]

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11 Dangerous Misconceptions about Communications

Communications is full of misconceptions, that are part of the fun and folly of working in this field, but there are some misconceptions that can prove fatal to your brand. The Assumption that Communication has Happened – Sometimes people assume that the act of delivering a message is the same as receiving a message. Nothing could […]

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5 Ways To Be Strategic with Data

Updated in August 2017 Big data, metrics, indicators and statistics are the words we use to describe how we measure success in business.  We look to the information we gather from surveys, buying habits and online activity to name a few resources, to indicate preferences, trends and opportunities.  They provide great building blocks for effective […]

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