11 Dangerous Misconceptions about Communications

Communications is full of misconceptions, that are part of the fun and folly of working in this field, but there are some misconceptions that can prove fatal to your brand. The Assumption that Communication has Happened – Sometimes people assume that the act of delivering a message is the same as receiving a message. Nothing could […]

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Problem Solving 101 – How to Solve Problems

Posted on April 5, 2017

  Ever notice how easy it is to solve other people’s problems? When presented with someone else’s conundrum it can be easy to assess the possibilities, look at what might work and develop solutions. To the person who owns the challenge, our proposed solutions may seem innovative, creative, and perhaps even ingenious. “How did you come up […]

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Mean What You Say, Know The Meaning of Sayings

Posted on June 21, 2016

A few years a ago a friend of mine who teaches and does research through various universities was trying to rally some of her colleagues around an initiative and used the phrase, “Jump on the band wagon.” Shortly afterwards she was reprimanded by the administration for using politically incorrect language. Apparently the interpretation of the […]

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Etiquette – Things You Learned in Kindergarten

Posted on May 6, 2014

Over the years, I have  helped many clients prepare for their first meeting with a legislator. I have seen presidents of national and multinational corporations, men with billion dollar budgets and thousands of employees break out in a sweat at the thought of presenting their organization’s perspective to a Minister.  I have also had clients […]

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E-MAIL Versus Communications

It lurks, waiting for the unsuspecting communicator.  Its disguise, the quick and easy transition of words or documents from one place to another. Yet it has an insidious power that can transform grown men into small-minded bullies or professional women into petty tyrants. Yes, I’m talking about e-mail.  If we’re totally honest with ourselves, we […]

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Random Acts Of Branding

Posted on January 7, 2014

  What happens if everyone in an organization decides to engage in branding activities without first engaging in an internal conversation? This question prompted an extended conversation with my friend Janet MacLeod, who like me, is a communications professional. This post is the consequence of that discussion and so our joint offering. So what happens […]

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Ask for the Order

Just Ask - Commstorm

Guest Post by Diana Marinova Ask for the order or what lessons about communication the lady in the supermarket taught me. Honoring Debra’s one year anniversary of blogging, I decided to share a little story from few months ago. It’s a very ordinary every day story but put in the right context and perspective, we […]

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Everyone Loves A Good Story

When I first thought about starting a blog I had some pretty grand ideas.  I thought I’d pontificate on government relations.  Dazzle readers with my vast experience in communications and of course, my dynamic background in relations…hmmm; I got pretty bored, real fast too. Clearly more thought was required…or less. What did I enjoy? What […]

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8 Tips On What To Do In A Communications Crisis And 9 Tips On What Not To Do

Posted on August 20, 2013

Last updated August 2017 Every year I watch in amazement as a few organizations and a few celebrities stumble into a communications crisis in the media.  My amazement isn’t over the incidents that triggered the crisis’, though many of them would certainly give you pause, but rather over the way the crisis’ is managed. The […]

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Personal Paradigms, The Good, The Bad & The Impact

Posted on July 9, 2013

They say that goldfish have a memory that’s about 10 seconds long, no doubt a gross exaggeration but for argument’s sake, let’s say that’s true. With a memory that short, they would be forever rediscovering the world around them. They would have no operating principle to help them navigate. Without personal paradigms we’d be very […]

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