The Importance of Research in Business

Risk is a part of most business equations, but making assumptions without first doing your research is just bad planning. Several years ago as a consultant, I worked with the Executive Director (ED) of an association on a government relations campaign. He had attended many government meetings over the years but I had gotten him an important meeting […]

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Etiquette – Things You Learned in Kindergarten

Posted on May 6, 2014

Over the years, I have  helped many clients prepare for their first meeting with a legislator. I have seen presidents of national and multinational corporations, men with billion dollar budgets and thousands of employees break out in a sweat at the thought of presenting their organization’s perspective to a Minister.  I have also had clients […]

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Taking the Fear Factor Out of Lobbying.

Posted on April 30, 2013

Guest Blogger Laurel Craib is an exceptional lobbyist bringing more than twenty years of experience from both sides of the political desk. Well known and well regarded in political circles regardless of the party in power she has represented a range of clients from health professionals to auto manufacturers.  She gets inside of her clients […]

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Lobbyists are Liars and Cheaters

Lobbyists are liars, cheaters focused on bending government to their personal interests. They are the dark side of any political engagement. When they are very good at their jobs they can influence not only government policies, but also force cultural change and remove our essential rights. Rights like, the right to drive drunk, the right […]

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What Exactly Is Your Issue? Four Tips For Better Lobbying

I was on Parliament Hill recently and as my colleagues and I fanned out to share our messages I kept thinking about all the possible outcomes ahead of us.  We had the same message to deliver, but personal style and approach can make subtle changes occur that effect comprehension, reception and even perceived objective. This means […]

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7 Tips For Meeting with a Member of Parliament

There is no such thing as a typical meeting with a Member of Parliament (MP).  While all MPs may share the same job, and some share the same party membership, that’s about where their automatic resemblance to each other starts and finishes.  It’s not that you can’t have similar meetings with various MPs, but if you […]

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Warming Up The Audience Before Delivering Your Message

As a consultant I have walked into rooms where the temperature was so cold I debated getting gloves, but whether I’m lobbying or speaking at an event, I always warm up my audience before delivering my message. When they’re warm, I’m hot. A Story from the Field The CEO of the large pharmaceutical company was […]

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