5 Ways To Be Strategic with Data

Posted on June 6, 2017

Updated in August 2017 Big data, metrics, indicators and statistics are the words we use to describe how we measure success in business.  We look to the information we gather from surveys, buying habits and online activity to name a few resources, to indicate preferences, trends and opportunities.  They provide great building blocks for effective […]

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Marketing in the Uncanny Valley

A few years ago the Canadian Association of Optometrists ran a campaign called, “Open Your Eyes”. The campaign included a commercial that garnered a fair bit of commentary. It featured a woman who rises out of bed and begins to make her way through her morning routine with her family. The thing that makes the […]

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Is There Value to Using Case Studies in Business?

Posted on April 29, 2014

  Harvard first developed case studies as a way to engage students in their executive training programs. Complex or difficult cases were presented to students and they were asked to familiarize themselves with the materials as well as gather additional information. They would then be tasked with suggesting reasons for the problem outlined in the […]

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Making A Profit With Charity – Cause Marketing


One of the most challenging aspects of doing marketing for a charity is the apparent conflict of interest the role represents. When donors give money to a charity, they want to know that their money is going directly to the people in need.  This means that when organizations are considered for giving, donors will often […]

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