Saturday Morning Chit Chat – When Did We Catch Up With The Future?

When Did We Catch Up With The Future?

When Did We Catch Up With The Future?

I am so stupidly excited about Google Glass I can barely believe it’s a real thing. If you had told me twenty years ago that it would exist now, I would have thought you’d spent too much time in the sun …or reading sci-fi.  In fairness, twenty years ago, faxes were cutting edge technology.

Initially I thought I was the world’s biggest geek about Google Glass (and maybe I am) but come on, even the techiest (I’m sure that’s a word …somewhere) tech person would have to admit it’s pretty cool. It also dawned on me that one of the reasons I was feeling geeky was because no one around me was really talking about it. Turns out, not everyone knew about it. I was chatting with my sister-in-law about Google Glass, essentially telling her what I’m telling you, that I am a total goof on this topic,when I realized she was looking at me as though she thought maybe I had spent too much time in the sun.  What I was saying didn’t make sense to her.  How could that exist? I have to admit, I hesitated. I wondered for a brief moment if perhaps I’d gotten it wrong.

112 of 365 - Google's Project Glasses

112 of 365 – Google’s Project Glasses (Photo credit: Yogesh Mhatre)

What if I had mistaken the enthusiastic reports on Google Glass I’d read months ago?  What if the more recent articles were about what it might be able to do in some future perfect world.  BUT no, the future perfect world is now and I love it.

I’ve always been a glutton about information.  I remember feeling sad that I didn’t have the internet when I was in high school or that it had not emerged fully when I was finishing off university.  The fact that I had full access to the Library of Parliament when I was completing my degree should make it clear I was not hurting for information or resources, I’m just greedy about all that wonderful data. Google glass means that not only is all that amazing information on hand when I want it, it’s interactive.  I can generate data while I’m experiencing it. Wow!

My husband, (always the voice of reason) asked me how I thought I’d be able to process all that stimuli. I suffer from, “Oh look shiny” so not an unreasonable question, but besides the point. Who needs to process yet?  Right now all I want to do is soak in it.

Now I know there will be naysayers, there always are when something new comes along. There will be chat about the potential for an invasion of privacy (not an unreasonable concern),  and I’m sure a long list of stupid or bad things people will do with the glass, but that’s not the point.  People will do stupid or dumb things with just about anything. Should we stop using photocopiers because there’s always someone in the office that wants to photocopy their bum? What about the amazing things people can do? What about educational opportunities or information sharing. What does the surgeon see when they operate? Where does the mountain climber look? A “day in the life” takes on a whole new meaning when you’re looking through each others eyes in real time. So, where do I get my Google Glasses and does anyone have an extra $1500 I can borrow?

If you haven’t completely geeked out about this yet, take a look at this video and say hello to the future.Google Glass

Last weeks poll results: 1oo% thought buddy glasses were a bad idea. Note: You could not find a less scientific poll. 🙂

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  • becc03 says:
    July 28, 2013 @ 08:34 pm

    I had not heard about this before, but it does look pretty incredible. I would have been cool to have them when I visit the US shortly. Oh well, will have to document the trip the old fashioned way.
    Thanks for letting me know about this. For once I may know about something techy before my husband!

  • Debra — so I’m among the spoil sports. Do we really need to be recording everything we see? Can’t we just enjoy the scenery and smell the flowers? Do we really need Google Glass. I’ll pass for now, thank you.

    • You’re not a spoil sport, you’re just seeing the down side that can come with the technology. I can’t say that I disagree. I no more want to film everything than I want to tweet everything. One of the earliest users filmed himself taking a shower…NOT at all what I had in mind when I said, think of the potential. 🙂

  • I have techy friends that have been able to personally test these out. It sounds like there is still a ways to go. Definitely cool!

  • I was surprised to learn of it’s forthcoming existence, but certainly know about it for months. Guess it depends what sites you read and who your friends are. As for it’s capabilities – the time is here for wearable technology and “the internet of things” (ie tech in all things in your house etc – wired up to the internet). So I think in 10+ years we will not recognise the world around us. Ads that talk to YOU, knowing everything about you, where you are, what you did/do. Big data (ie lots of it stored) is also changing the game. I once read how Target targets it’s customers with advertising – that is spooky. They know what you are thinking :>

    • Ashley I came across the Target approach and results a while back and was simultaneously excited and creeped out. The story that tells the tale is the one about the young woman who kept receiving advertisements, coupons and fliers related to babies and pregnancies. Since the young lady in question was about 16 years old, her father was naturally upset. He went down to the local target and complained to the manager. He asked the manager what they were thinking encouraging a girl that young to get pregnant. The manager was apologetic and offered up his regrets for the inappropriateness of the marketing. A few weeks went by and the Target manager, still feeling out of sorts, went to the home of the family to apologise to the father again. Before he could get very far into his apology, the father stopped him.

      It seems that the daughter was pregnant but had been keeping it from her family. Her purchasing habits had been noted and tabulated by Target to accurately predict that she was an expectant mom. Realizing the “creep” factor their accuracy brought out in consumers, Target and other retailers have modified their flyers, coupons and individually based ads to include items that are clearly out of synch. Current expectant moms may receive many of the same ads, plus promotions for lawn mowers and tools…less creepy 🙂

  • I’m of the age where I’m constantly immersed in new technology (I grew up with it), but honestly the only thing I can conclude from these Google Glasses is CREEPINESS!

    Facebook is already equipped with facial-recognition technology (which is also CREEPY), so I can only assume that Google Glasses will eventually have the same feature.

    Just imagine going to a party, trying to meet new people and have a decent conversation. Normally, we as humans play off vibes and emotions to determine whether or not we will get along with another. However, imagine if everyone was wearing these glasses that were telling them all the details about our past lives! At the same time, someone who is too shy to talk to you could discover your entire life-story just by looking at you through the glasses across the room. What if that shy person was suppose to become your best friend in an alternate timeline where such technologies didn’t exist!

    Maybe I’m a hopeless romantic, but it seems like it could ruin the sweet little moments in life because it replaces emotions and feelings with statistics and facts. Instead of being brave, taking chances, and embracing opportunities, we would all be standing there analyzing the information we collected without even lifting a finger! That my friends, is C-R-E-E-P-Y.

    • I love it, great response! The features that creep you out are the same ones that make it amazing to me. 🙂 I keep thinking of all those networking events that will become so much easier now because I won’t have to remember everyone’s name. Having said all of that, there is something to be said for missed opportunities because once we think we “know someone” because we got the stats, we may not make the effort to really get to know them. Judicious use of all new technology is important. Thanks so much for commenting.

  • Wow, Debra! I was in the same camp as your sis-in-law. I’ve heard of Google glass, but until I watched the video link you posted, I had to idea of what it was capable. How totally amazing! I’ll have to wait until the price comes down, but would definitely be interested in getting some. By the way, you might want to adjust your settings, so that when someone clicks on a link in your post, it doesn’t close your page. Blog on!

  • OK, I’m officially WOW’d. This has to be the coolest thing ever. My Dad always loved gadgets and I inherited that gene. I know that there is a version for people who wear glasses coming out shortly. It will all get done to price. I really can’t wait to see it in action, can you?

    • I can’t wait until I see people on the street with them, not just online. I’m personally waiting for the prescription glass version, it’s just a question of time. As Jon pointed out, the options and potential are just opening up.

  • As geeky as I am, I am not sure I am ready for these just yet. I have been watching some of the advancements in cybernetics lately and have been far more impressed with limb replacement technology. Did you know there is a cybernetic hand now that can be controlled with an Ipad app. We could have a merger, google glass that works with your cybernetic limb.

    • No I had not heard about that, it’s fascinating. It’s just a question of time before we hard wire all technology to our nervous systems. In the health sector the focus has been on keeping seniors independent and in their own homes. IBM has done a lot of interesting work on SMART homes that essentially monitor movement, that way if someone falls and does not get up, after a period of time an alarm is triggered. The system also monitors whether the fridge door has been left open, temperature etc. These various systems are going to start to get linked together and then we will be in a whole new world.

      I’m going to look into the cybernetics, very cool. 🙂

  • As a fellow info glutton and geek, I agree! These are way ridiculously cool. And did you see the selection of colours they come in? Charcoal, Tangerine, Shale, Cotton, Sky!

    I will go half with you! We can set a joint custody arrangement. What colour are you?

    • Bonnie I knew I could count on you to appreciate the joy of that much easy information collection. I would have to go with sky blue Google glasses…that would go nicely with the peacock feathers in your logo don’t you think? 🙂

  • Certainly has potential. I like the translation feature. I would also consider it a safer mode when walking than the smart phones. I have seen to many people bump into things and other people.

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