Wanted: Communications Goddess

Posted on April 11, 2016

When job descriptions become a communications nightmare. Chatting with old colleagues, fellow communicators and bloggers on LinkedIn is always good fun and every once in a while I come across something that makes me want to share more widely. In this instance, it started with a series of odd job descriptions that I came across a few months […]

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Label Blindness – When You Become Trapped By Your Title

Have you ever worked with someone and thought, that guy is brilliant, I wonder where he’ll end up? Only to find out later that the person has been sitting in the same low level position for years. Have you ever found yourself struggling for recognition and getting no response or acknowledgement of your efforts?  It […]

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The Tool For Making The Perfect Elevator Pitch

Posted on July 16, 2013

During my travels through the internet, I came across a rather interesting tool from the Harvard School of Business. The toolhelps you to build the perfect elevator pitch. OK, it may not make the perfect pitch, you actually need a human being and some passion for that, but what it does nicely is get you […]

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5 Tips For Finding Joy in Your Work

Posted on June 25, 2013

Have you ever met someone who just loved her job?  Someone who doesn’t mind working late and regularly starts early. That person that does their work steadfastly and without complaint. I’m not thinking about a rock or movie star.  Don’t think of glamorous positions or even high earners.  This about that restaurant server who shows […]

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