Old Trucks and Nostalgia

Old Rusty Truck

I came across this beauty on the weekend, I wanted to get out the paint brushes.  What is it about old trucks that catch our attention and make us nostalgic, or is that just me? Hope your week was a good one.

I’m on a brief hiatus, but will be back in late September with regular posts.


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  • Hey Debra, it is your artistic eye that has you taking a second look. It is all of the ‎curves and colours that drews the eye, but it is the thought of what it was like to sit in the cab with the windows down and the wind in your hair. Oh the places that truck must have gone! My grandfather had a old truck he put out to pasture and as kids it was a favourite playground when we were visiting.  I can feel the smooth steering wheel in my hands, smell the sun faded cloth seats, and hear my cousin making motor sounds with right now! Oh the places we would go in that parked truck!She sure is a beaut! Thanks for bringing me down memory lane! 


  • There are a few old trucks like that around my area, but they run. I love the styling that went into this era of trucks. The new stuff shoots for more sleek and less character.

  • Old rusty things have such great stories to tell. One of my former students posted a picture a couple of years ago of a bunch of rusty abandoned bikes all tangled together out in a field in the middle of nowhere. It was a great image because everything I see something evocative like that, my mind always conjures up that image.

  • I’m really loving your photos Debra. You have a really good eye for what makes a great picture. 🙂

  • Hope you enjoy painting it! Or how about writing a story about what happens to the people driving it? Could be a thriller, love story or whatever you feel like writing:-) A song would be another possibility…

  • Does look like something you would want to paint. Enjoy your break.

  • I love (I prefer) classic vs. old trucks, boats, cars, kitchen appliances – what is it about avocado green and orange that makes you smile?? They remind us of a time when things were built to last. Built with integrity. This post is especially timely with the release of the 1920’s Advertising book by Claude Hopkins http://www.kenburnett.com/Blog48ScientificAdvertising.html

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