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Mirror Man Seattle by Jim Hamstra

I’m in the middle of a home renovations, I’m launching a new project and it’s also one of the busiest times of year for my day job. So regrettably, I won’t be able to do my regular Saturday Morning Chit Chat posts for the next few weeks. BUT, I see so many interesting things, even when I’m doing my best NOT to, that I still want to share some of what I come across.


Photographer SilverSky

This week I came across the mirror men. These amazing images are of real people, not sculptures I found them while playing on the internet. As cool as these moving sculptures are, they didn’t make me think of art as much they made me reflect (couldn’t resist) on what social creatures we are. They make me wonder how much of ourselves we put out there and how much is a reflection of what’s around us. No, I’m not have a deep negative thought. I am actually just thinking that so much of what I see and know is a reflection of what the people around me see and know.  It’s kind of wonderful being connected in that way.  It’s also kind of exciting because I don’t just know the people who live in the cities and towns I’m in or around. I know some amazing and clever people who live miles and miles from me, in other countries and continents. They have completely different and informative perspectives on the world and they feed me knowledge that makes me see my world in a completely different way.

Do you have any people who reflect the world at you in a different way?  Seen anything cool, outrageous, clever or amazingly dumb while exploring the internet? Please, share it here.

To see more on these mirror men , you can visit the blogs where I found them below.

Jim Hamstra 1:

Adriana de Barros 2:


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  • A specific site doesn’t come to mind, but when I have a few moments I really like to use StumbleUpon to discover unique websites that are art-based.

  • hey Debra, these guys are pretty cool. Reminds me of those Blue men, although I never did see them. But reflecting on the people around us – so true. It also made me think of the idea that we need to surround ourselves with like minded and creative people to make the best of ourselves, something else I have been thinking of recently. Just harder to do where I am, but perhaps I need to do it virtually!

    • Ashley you make a great point about thinking carefully about who you surround yourself with, I don’t always want like minded (a little spice can liven things up), but I’m always keen for creative folks.

  • I share your views, in that others help you to see more clearly, sometimes…especially if they know more than you!

    • Very true. The power of multiple perspectives is that it let’s you look at an issue from different angles and see things in a whole new way. Imagine asking three people to look at a mirror and describe it. Now ask one to look at the front, another the back and the third, the side of a mirror. No matter the angle you’re gonna get three very different descriptions.

  • Love these mirror men and appreciated your reflection (sorry…had to walk through that door…LOL). What automatically comes to mind when I see these things is what kind of a mind creates the idea and then executes it. It awes me, the human mind and what it is capable of. I’m always searching for what I think the artist intends for me to see. I always wonder if they allow for different perspectives. I know with my writing, I love to hear the take-aways even if it wasn’t my intended purpose. You think he knew it would inspire a great blog post? Bet he’d love that! Good luck with your stuff…but don’t be gone too long! Your blog has become one of my favorites!

    • So very true Jacqueline, what did go through the artists’mind? Is it the same guy or two people having the same thought? The locations are different and there’s a few years between the posts.

      You make such a great point about what people take away or what they interpret from your writing. I learn more by the reactions to the things I write than I do during the research portion of the post. Thanks for your kind words on my blog. At the risk of sounding insincere, I have to say, right back at you, I thoroughly enjoy yours too.

  • Hm, interesting how you put a positive spin to a thought like this: “so much of what I see and know is a reflection of what the people around me see and know” – i was one of those who thought you are having a negative thought going on just about now! good post, Debra – great food for thought…

    and what do you mean no Saturday Morning Chit Chats for a few weeks? how few? LOL – what am i going to wait for now every Saturday… 😛

    Hope you have a VERY productive busy few weeks and see you again on Saturdays soon 🙂

    • I have been away visiting one of our sites this week and it’s been amazing. I haven’t gotten a number of things done, but it has still been a very productive week. 🙂 I am hoping to be back at Saturday Morning Chit Chat in one month. I’ve seen and heard so many neat things over the last week that I’m tempted to write a post, but I have too much catch up work to do as it is. 🙂

  • Sorry posting a link cause when we talk about seeing strange things online this always comes to mind.

  • Those are totally cool images. It must have taken a very long time to creat the clothing that ultimately create the living art.

    I ran across a woman online who up and quit her lucrative corporate job, moved to Costa Rica and started making Garden Art. She is now having a blast and making a good living doing something fun. Like love that. 😊

  • Wow… mirror men! Interesting concept. I can see how it led to this post. It is a great thought provoking idea. In some respects perhaps it ties into creating your own reality. Create what you want to be mirrored back to you.

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