Marketing Attitude

I was at a conference on the weekend. It started on what was for me the third day of business travel. I was tired but looking forward to getting some new insight into how to keep motivated. About halfway through a three-hour workshop I realized that I was getting nothing from the lecture. In fact, […]

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Marketing in the Uncanny Valley

A few years ago the Canadian Association of Optometrists ran a campaign called, “Open Your Eyes”. The campaign included a commercial that garnered a fair bit of commentary. It featured a woman who rises out of bed and begins to make her way through her morning routine with her family. The thing that makes the […]

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Launch is a word that holds so much potential in such a small innocuous package. It’s a letter away from lunch, which is often sought after and has its own appeal, but doesn’t quite capture the power. Launch is about huge ships sailing into adventure after you smash a brilliant bottle of champagne on the […]

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