Night Drive

cars under the night bridge - CommStorm

I drive under this bridge on my way home every day, it’s nice during the day, but great at night. What comes to life at night for you? Hope you’re having a good week.



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9 Responses to Night Drive

  1. Arleen says:

    I love going through tunnels because it takes you to the other side and makes you feel like a new dawn is happening. I loved your photo

  2. In my cynacism (or is it just my darker side?) the things I can see here tend more toward the horrific and this is before I even bring in the monsters. But I do love the pic.

    There is a tunnel into Detroit on Jefferson street that I am reminded of when I look at this pic. The tunnel is long and prone to traffic jams, but the lighting is cool.

  3. I most liking being away from the city lights at night when you can really see the stars.

  4. I like looking up at the stars at night. Or remembering the fireflies at night was i was a kid. 🙂

  5. jacquiegum says:

    Beautiful picture! I love the creative way that they light the curved walls. I love the peace that night brings…there is beauty in the darkness, a calm like the breath you have been holding all days can finally release:)

  6. Simone Hart says:

    I enjoy the stars at night, snow glistening in moonlight, and the first glimpse of our home when we have been away (usually get back at night). I can cheerfully miss the sight of a raccoon family traversing our fence.

  7. Honestly, the beauty or horror of night driving depends on where in the world you are. No matter how beautiful it is you will not enjoy it if armed robbers are around the corner. And such places don’t look that much different from the picture:-)

    • I will never think of the bridge in the same way. 🙂 You will not be surprised to know that when I was taking the pictures I startled a few drivers since I was perched in spots where an unpleasant surprise might happen.

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