Running to the future

Posted on June 24, 2014

English: A chicken running Français : Un poule...I was running. Running to work, running at work, running home, running out to pick something up, running to the car, running to the phone and feeling the whole time like I was running out of time. Now I will be the first to admit I was running to a tune of my own creation. Work was busy, but then I like busy, I choose jobs that pose a challenge. I hate pointless busy, but if there is a clear objective, then I feel engaged. The busyness of my “free” time was equally of my making. I like to blog, I like to garden, I like to read, I like to paint and I like visiting with friends and family. There is never enough time for it all, but trying to do it is fun too. Although I was the architect of my time crunch, I was still feeling overwhelmed. It was admittedly a first world problem.

In keeping with that, I thought there must be some first world solutions that would help me to get my work done faster and more effectively. Was there a gadget or gadgets that might ease my way, make things clearer, easier to access, to see, to engage to respond? If I was willing to invest, I was sure there was a technological solution to help me meet my time woes. Here’s what I found.

Simband: To manage the impact stress has on my physical health, I could start with a Simband. It can check my blood pressure, let me know if my heart rate and respiration are normal and if I’ve been drinking too much coffee and not enough water it can let me know where my hydration levels are. It could even keep me safe by noting the amount of carbon dioxide in my blood.

Laptop Beverage Holder: This handy gadget would allow me to keep my coffee close by when I’m tucked away in a corner playing catch up with my blogging activities. It attaches to the side of my laptop so no table necessary. The same applies to any worries that I’ll accidentally kick over my coffee because I’ve placed it on the floor. Of course I shudder to think what would happen if I tilted my laptop the wrong way while it had a cup of coffee attached to it…

Google Glass: As anyone who mentions them in my hearing learns, I love the idea of Google Glasses, the idea, because I still don’t own a pair, but they should be coming to Canada soon. They might afford me any number of time saving features. I could look things up while walking and not risk walking into someone because I’m looking down at my phone. Though to tell the truth, I’ve always been good at navigating with my head down. I’m a veteran reader and when I get into a book, something as mundane as a walk won’t stop me from reading. Still, I can appear less anti-social if I can keep my head up, that is unless people are uncomfortable with my headgear in which case my fear is that I might become known as a glasshole.

Livescribe: This little beauty gives those of us who would rather write than type a time saving break. With Livescribe, your hand written notes automatically become text without you having to take the time to type. The device also records so that the notes you take synch up with what was being said at the time you took them. Think about how easy that would make your life. The only thing better would be voice activation technology; notes could then move seamlessly from sound to your desktop before you leave the boardroom.

Kensington Proximo TagThis brilliant little device was developed for me. I’m the queen of the lost keys, cellphones and a host of other things. The Proximo allows you to track anything. The fob activates the alarm on your cell phone so you’ll always know where to look. The Proximo tag attaches to your key ring but allows your phone to track it’s location so you’ll never lose your keys again. You can in fact, use the tag for anything you don’t want to lose. Imagine how much time will be saved if I’m not wasting it trying to find lost items.

Do you know any cool little time savers? What time saving devices would you like to have? What about devices gone wrong?

Photo credit: Wikipedia