Saturday Morning Chit Chat, Mirror, Mirror, Me

Posted on September 28, 2013

Mirror Man Seattle by Jim Hamstra

I’m in the middle of a home renovations, I’m launching a new project and it’s also one of the busiest times of year for my day job. So regrettably, I won’t be able to do my regular Saturday Morning Chit Chat posts for the next few weeks. BUT, I see so many interesting things, even when I’m doing my best NOT to, that I still want to share some of what I come across.


Photographer SilverSky

This week I came across the mirror men. These amazing images are of real people, not sculptures I found them while playing on the internet. As cool as these moving sculptures are, they didn’t make me think of art as much they made me reflect (couldn’t resist) on what social creatures we are. They make me wonder how much of ourselves we put out there and how much is a reflection of what’s around us. No, I’m not have a deep negative thought. I am actually just thinking that so much of what I see and know is a reflection of what the people around me see and know.  It’s kind of wonderful being connected in that way.  It’s also kind of exciting because I don’t just know the people who live in the cities and towns I’m in or around. I know some amazing and clever people who live miles and miles from me, in other countries and continents. They have completely different and informative perspectives on the world and they feed me knowledge that makes me see my world in a completely different way.

Do you have any people who reflect the world at you in a different way?  Seen anything cool, outrageous, clever or amazingly dumb while exploring the internet? Please, share it here.

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