What Exactly Is Your Issue? Four Tips For Better Lobbying

I was on Parliament Hill recently and as my colleagues and I fanned out to share our messages I kept thinking about all the possible outcomes ahead of us.  We had the same message to deliver, but personal style and approach can make subtle changes occur that effect comprehension, reception and even perceived objective. This means […]

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7 Tips For Meeting with a Member of Parliament

There is no such thing as a typical meeting with a Member of Parliament (MP).  While all MPs may share the same job, and some share the same party membership, that’s about where their automatic resemblance to each other starts and finishes.  It’s not that you can’t have similar meetings with various MPs, but if you […]

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3 Tips for Creating the Right Mood For Your Message

This blog entry is a bit of a departure for me, but the experience illustrates so well how setting and approach can influence how ideas are communicated that I thought I would share the experience. I recently joined a book club.  I am not a fan of book clubs.  They remind me of being in […]

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