Getting the angle right, your personal brand photo

Posted on May 16, 2017

I was thinking about pictures the other day, pictures of scones to be precise and wondering how I wanted to set the scene for them. What props would work, what lighting would be good, how would I convey quality? It struck me that I was more worried about how the food would look than most […]

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Random Acts Of Branding

Posted on January 7, 2014

  What happens if everyone in an organization decides to engage in branding activities without first engaging in an internal conversation? This question prompted an extended conversation with my friend Janet MacLeod, who like me, is a communications professional. This post is the consequence of that discussion and so our joint offering. So what happens […]

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A Simple Lesson About Brand Taught By Disney

Posted on March 12, 2013

I went on a Disney Cruise with my kids in February. I specifically chose Disney because my husband wasn’t going with us (he’s busy working on his master’s thesis). I felt that if I was going to travel alone with my kids to unfamiliar places, I needed to have some back up. I needed to […]

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Every Contact Counts – First Impressions

Ever start off to do what looks like a simple piece of communications or engagement only to find that you have actually achieved something very different? Well the two young men in the following story set off to deliver some tickets, what they accomplished was some bad government relations and some very effective, albeit negative, […]

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