5 Tips For Finding Joy in Your Work

Have you ever met someone who just loved her job?  Someone who doesn’t mind working late and regularly starts early. That person that does their work steadfastly and without complaint. I’m not thinking about a rock or movie star.  Don’t think of glamorous positions or even high earners.  This about that restaurant server who shows […]

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8 Tips For Networking In the Real World

Everyone knows the benefits of networking, but knowing something and doing it aren’t always the same thing.  I’ve had to drag colleagues, friends and my husband to networking events and I’ve been dragged to a few myself. The time before the event is generally the worst part.  That’s the period when you come up with […]

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The Power and Pain of Polling

In North America we poll on almost anything we can imagine. What do we think is the softest toilet paper?  What’s our favourite soft drink? How do we like our spaghetti? Who do we think we’ll vote for in the next election?  We would all like to believe that polling results are either completely useless […]

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Does Being A Lefty Or A Righty Make You A Better Boss?

Are you a right brain thinker or do you use your left brain? Which do you think makes you a better leader? My book club is currently reading Daniel H. Pink’s book, “A Whole New Mind”.  The book explores the strengths and skills of leadership from the perspective of left and right brain skills. It […]

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